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Q:Is the Waterfront Film Festival a non-profit organization?
A:Yep. Waterfront Film Festival was set up as a non-profit organization from the inception in 1999. It is run based on donations and volunteer support.

Q:I would like to make a donation to this worthy event. Is it tax-deductible?
A:Yes it is! Isn't that great?! Help support the arts and have some fun at the same time. If you would like to give $500 or more (yes, give more), we suggest you look into our sponsorship program , which gives you all sorts of cool privileges.

Q:How do I stay informed on what's happening?
A:Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Follow us on Pintrest, and please consider joining our fabulous mailing list!

Q:I have emailed / called the Waterfront Film Festival office but haven't gotten a response yet. What should I do?
A:Whip up a tasty Mai Tai and relax. Due to the increasing popularity of the Festival, it is sometimes difficult for us to respond quickly. We are inundated with numerous requests daily that must be handled by our VOLUNTEER support staff. Please be patient, someone will get back to you. However, if it has been a week or more, feel free to contact us again.

Q:I want to submit my film, but I'm broke. Can the submission fee be waived?
A:We are a non-profit, volunteer-based organization. We have a submission fee to help cover the costs of the film selection process. You are free to submit your film without the fee, however, due to the large volume of submissions we receive, it probably will not get the same thorough consideration as paid entries.

Q:I really want my film to get into the Festival. Will calling or emailing the office a lot increase my chances?
A:No. We're as busy as bees, and it's never good to poke the hive. If you have a legitimate question, please contact us. Otherwise, fill out the entry form completely, label your tape clearly (with running time), pay the submission fee, send it to us, and keep your fingers crossed.

Q:Are there any requirements as to length, content or otherwise, regarding my film submission?
A:Nope. We welcome film submissions of all types. However, for our Main Program, films should not have been completed more than 15 months ago, and should not have had any type of commercial release. Our recommendation is that you review the films in the film archives for previous years. Additionally, please review our guidelines for entry.

Q:What formats do you accept for film submissions?
A:DVD or online screener, baby.

Q:The volunteers look like they're all having so much fun! How do I sign up?
A:Fill out the application on our Volunteer page, and someone will be in touch with you. The Festival is volunteer-based, so the more time you donate to make the event happen, the more cool perks you get.

Q:Do you have any internships available?
A:Usually we do. They are unpaid. Please submit a cover letter and resume to - it will be forwarded to the correct department, and someone will contact you if we have an opening.

Q:I am interested in organizing a seminar. How do I approach this?
A:Please write up a two-page proposal on what topics the seminar would cover, what panelists it might include, and other details. Email it, along with your resume to

Q:I have a great idea to make the Festival even better. What should I do?
A:Please email your suggestions to us at - Or, better yet, volunteer to spearhead helping to make the change yourself. We strive to make this event the absolute best it can be, but sometimes we're a little short-handed on VOLUNTEER support staff.

Q:Can I get a discount on ticket prices for my group?
A:Not at this time. Sorry. Seats are very limited, and the Festival is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization. All ticket sales are a donation, and we strongly rely on these ticket sales to make the Festival happen each and every year.