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    Showcasing hundreds of Midwestern and World Premieres:
  • Midwestern Premiere of Academy Award Winner Man on Wire
  • Midwestern Premiere of Academy Award Winner of March Of The Penguins
  • Michigan Premiere of Academy Award Nominee Murderball
  • Michigan Premiere of Academy Award Winner Born into Brothels
  • Midwestern Premiere of Academy Ward Nominee The Story of Weeping Camel
    The best Midwestern venue to premiere new films:
  • Napoleon Dynamite, The Descent, Open Water, Pittsburgh, Riding Giants, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Word Play, Memories of Tomorrow, The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang, Dakota Skye, The Linguists, Chapter 27, Waiting for Ophelia, Women in Trouble, Peter and Vandy, World's Greatest Dad, Senna, Hot Coffee, Sundance Grand Jury Winner American Splendor, Sundance Grand Jury Winner Primer, Sundance Grand Jury Winner Eagle vs. Shark, AFI International Film Festival Grand Jury Prize Winner St. Nick


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Adam Herz - Screenwriter of the box-office smash hit trilogy, "American Pie", "American Pie II", and "American Wedding."
Alanna Ubach - Actor ("Meet the Fockers") and Founding Member of Velcro Troupe
Andrew Ruf - Talent Agent, Paradigm Talent Agency.
Bob Brown - Film Producer/ Co-Founder of Purple Rose Films with Jeff Daniels.
Brad Beyer - Starred opposite John Torturro in TNT's "Monday Night Mayhem."
Brendan Fehr - Star of TV and Film (" Roswell ", "Disturbing Behavior", "Final Destination").
Brian Dannelly - Director and Writer of "Saved!", starring Mandy Moore.
Brian Vander Ark - Lead singer "The Verve Pipe."
Bruce Kampbell - Burn Notice.
Craig Kestel - Talent agent, William Morris Agency
Chris Gore - Author of "The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide"; Creator/Editor of - the number one most popular movie web site with over 10 million hits a month. Gore has also been a featured film reviewer on many television shows including CNN, MTV and Fox.
Christine Elise - Star of TV and Film ("ER", " Beverly Hills 90210"); has written several scripts that have been produced for TV, as well as for "Seventeen Magazine."
Dash Mihok - Star of TV and Film ("Felicity", "Finder's Fee", "Basic", "The Perfect Storm", Connie and Carla).
Daryl Hannah - Actress, filmmaker, and environmental activist who has appeared in countless films, including "Splash" and the "Kill Bill" series.
David DeLuise - Star of TV and Film ("Jessie", "3rd Rock From the Sun", "Wizards of Waverly Place").
David Gallagher - Star of TV and Film ("7th Heaven")
Eion Bailey - Star of TV and Film ( "Fight Club", "Almost Famous", HBO's "Band of Brothers" series, and opposite Antonio Banderas in "And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself").
Emerson Hart - lead singer of Tonic
Erik Palladino - Star of TV and Film ("ER", "Finder's Fee").
Frank John Hughes - Star of TV and Film ("Band of Brothers", "24", "Sopranos", "Righteous Kill")
Gedney Webb - Music Supervisor for many films for Director Ron Howard, as well as Academy Award Winner "Chicago."
Gill Holland - Producer ("Spin the Bottle", "Desert Blue").
Guy Ferland - Writer/ Director ("Delivered", "The Babysitter", "Telling Lies in America ").
Grant Show - Star of TV and Film ("Six Feet Under", " Melrose Place ").
Jacques Thelemaque - Co-Founder/ President of the Filmmaker's Alliance , working with filmmakers for over twenty years.
James Karen - Star of TV and Film for over 50 years.
James Marsden - Star of TV and Film (starring as "Cyclops" in the "X-Men" trilogy, as well as "Disturbing Behavior," "Gossip," and "Alley McBeal").
Jay Froberg - A former Vice President of MGM; Co-founder of ROAR, a production and talent management company based at MGM Studios.
Jay Kenneth Johnson - Star of Daytime Television as "Philip Kiriakis" on "The Days of Our Lives", also starred in the Aaron Spelling pilot "HOTEL," and starring in the new show "North Shore."
Janet Lockwood - Director of the Michigan Film Office
Jason Lewis - Star of TV and Film (recently starring as series regular "Smith Jerrod" on the final season of HBO's smash hit "Sex in the City").
Jason Ritter - Star of TV and Film ("Joan of Arcadia", "Parenthood", "The Event")
Jennie Frankle - Vice President of Literary for Zied/Perry Entertainment ("American Pie" trilogy).
Jennifer Howard - Spokesmodel and Actress (Comedy Central's "The Sweet Spot" with Bill Murray ).
Jeremy Coon - Producer of "Napoleon Dynamite" and "Sasquatch Dumpling Gang"
Jess Weixler - Independent film star best known for her role in Teeth.
Joey Kern - Star of "Sasquatch Dumpling Gang" and "Cabin Fever"
John Vesely - Lead singer of Secondhand Serenade.
John Woodward - Academy Award Winning Writer/ Director of "Disciples of the Crow."
Jonathan Silverman - Loved for his role in Weekend at Bernie's.
Joseph Beyer - Assistant to Director of the Sundance Film Festival.
Joshua Leonard - First garnered attention for his role in Blair Witch Project.
Justin Long - Star of "Sasquatch Dumpling Gang" and "Dodgeball"
Kip Pardue - Star of "Remember the Titans" and "Farewell Bender"
Kirsten Haglund - Miss America 2008
Kristen Minter - Actress ("ER", "Myopia").
Lisa Linde - Actress on "Days of Our Lives."
Maggie Lawson - Star of TV and Film.
Mary Lynn Rajskub - Best known as a co-star of Kiefer Sutherland on the popular television series 24.
Morena Baccarin - Star of TV and Film (FOX's "Firefly", "Way off Broadway").
Nancy Rainford - Talent Manager, Producer and former Agent; author of "How to Agent Your Agent."
Patrick Sheane Duncan - Award-winning screenwriter, penning numerous screenplays including "Mr. Holland's Opus" starring Richard Dreyfus (in his Oscar winning role) and "Courage Under Fire" starring Matt Damon and Meg Ryan.
PJ Posner - Critically acclaimed Director; Co-created "Getting In", which helped launch the careers of Matthew Perry and Calista Flockhart.
Richard Speight Jr - Star of TV and Film ("Band of Brothers", "Jericho", "Thank You for Not Smoking")
Rick James' Original Stone City Band - the legendary band providing the sound that has been heard on recordings by Rick James, The Temptations, and Smokey Robinson for over 30 years.
Robert Forster - Actor, Nominated for an Academy Award for his role in Quentin Tarantino's "Jackie Brown."
Robert Hawk - Independent producer and consultant credited with discovering and nurturing the talents of such filmmakers as Kevin Smith (Clerks), Ed Burns (The Brothers McMullen). He has served as a member of the advisory selection committee for the Sundance Film Festival since 1987.
Ruth Buzzi - Golden Globe Winner who gained worldwide fame as a key cast member on the TV comedy show Laugh In.
Ryan Devlin - Host, ET on MTV
Sean Elliott - Talent agent at one of LA's top agencies, Endeavor, whose clients include: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore and Dustin Hoffman.
Sebastian Gutierrez - Screenwriter best known for "Snakes on a Plane" and "Gothika"
Shaggy - Grammy-winning recording artist best known for his 1995 mega-hit single "Boombastic".
Shane Carruth - Director and Writer of 2004 Sundance Grand Jury Winner, "Primer".
Skyler Stone - Star of Comedy Central hit "Con" and Founding Member of Velcro Troupe
Steve Pink - Screenwriter ("Grosse Pointe Blank", "High Fidelity") and Co-Founder of New Crime Productions with partner John Cusack.
Tom Bernard - Co-President and Co-Founder of Sony Pictures Classics, distributing and financing many Academy Award winning films.
Vicky Jenson - Director of "Shrek" and "Shark Tale".
Wendie Malick - Two-Time Emmy and Golden Globe nominee who is most well known for her widely acclaimed role as Nina Van Horn in the NBC hit comedy, "Just Shoot Me."
William Ward - Talent Agent at super-agency Endeavor for three years before leaving to Co-Found the talent management firm, ROAR, representing clients including Aisha Tyler ("Talk Soup" and "Friends") and 2004 Academy Award Nominee Ken Watanabe ("The Last Samurai").
Yeardley Smith - voice of Lisa Simpson on Fox's award winning show, "The Simpsons"
Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus

-- And many, many more Directors, Producers and Actors attending with their films.


Man on Wire - Midwest Premiere - 2009 Academy Award Winner
March of the Penguins - Midwest Premiere - 2006 Academy Award Winner
Murderball - Michigan Premiere - 2006 Academy Award Nominee
Born Into Brothels - Michigan Premiere - 2005 Academy Award Winner
The Story of the Weeping Camel - Midwest Premiere - 2005 Academy Award Nominee
Napoleon Dynamite - Midwest Premiere - 2004 Smash Hit!
Primer - Midwest Premiere - 2004 Sundance Grand Jury Winner
American Splendor - 2003 Sundance Grand Jury Winner
My Flesh and Blood - 2003 Sundance Documentary Winner
The Accountant - Midwest Premiere - 2002 Academy Award Winner
Helicopter - Eastern US Premiere - 2001 Academy Award Winner
By Courier - Eastern US Premiere - 2003 Academy Award Nominee
Winged Migration - 2003 Academy Award Nominee
The Next Big Thing - 2001 World Premiere
Ellie Parker - 2001 Midwest Premiere - starring Naomi Watts
Shaolin Soccer - 2003 Miramax Midwest Premiere
City of Ghosts - 2003 MGM Michigan Premiere- directed by/starring Matt Dillon
Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her - 2000 MGM Eastern US Premiere- starring Glenn Close, Cameron Diaz, and Holly Hunter
The Claim - 2001 MGM Michigan Premiere starring Wes Bentley, Milla Jovovich, Natassja Kinski
Barenaked in America - 2000 Midwest Premiere - directed by Jason Priestley, starring The Barenaked Ladies
Wildflowers - 2000 Midwest Premiere - starring Daryl Hannah and Clea Duvall
On Edge - 2001 Eastern US Premiere - starring Jason Alexander
The Last Waltz - 2002 MGM Re-release 25 th Anniversary of Martin Scorsese's classic film.
This is Spinal Tap - 2000 MGM Re-release


  • The host of the 2013 Waterfront Film Festival is the beachfront resort town of South Haven, MI -- located less than 2 hours NE of Chicago.
  • The Waterfront Film Festival was launched in 1999, and is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization.
  • Jerry Davich of LAKE Magazine titled his article about The Waterfront Film Festival as "The Sundance of the Middle Coast".

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